Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Rhythmanalysis 1st project

Every Thursday at college I have this class called Rhythmanalysis. For our current project we had to go to the Tate Modern and record people and sounds and then create some kind of video, animation or sound piece with the material we recorded which explores rhythms.

I recorded some performers singing in the turbine hall at the museum and I am working on this video based on their singing. I am masking out shapes from the footage I got in After Effects and then synchronizing the shapes with the music. It is a bit like a screensaver like my classmate Zuzanna said to describe this kind of projects. We have a crit tomorrow so I am looking forward to getting some feedback from the tutors. 

I guess you could call the visuals in raves Rhythmanalysis? This clip on Infected Mushroom's website makes me feel strangely overwhelmed and excited.