Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Lady Alchimia

This image is inspired by an alchemical engraving. I will do my best to explain it because I guess like all alchemical engravings its true meaning is concealed. Lady Alchemia or Anima Mercurii is obviously a goddess present in all alchemical procedures. Her hair is made of fire, her eyes are sun and moon and her breath is air. There is milk flowing from her breasts nourishing the Philosopher's Stone (interactive version with all these coming soon).The chameleon symbolizes Fixity as opposed to the eagle who symbolizes volatile substances as well as the wings on her feet which in this case identify her as a Volatile Princible. The stars on her forehead represent the three Works which I have no idea what it means but I suspect in might have something to do with the Holy Trinity. I would really appreciate if anyone knows what they mean to let me know! The King on the left is Sulphur and the man on the right a philosopher.

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