Saturday, 31 March 2012

Animation in Progress 2!

So I have done the first render of the animation I'm working on yesterday and I'm quite pleased! Of course there are some things I want to improve but I'm happy with it. I was very sceptical at the beginning since it is completely different than most of my work. I can't really keep my drawings very detailed if I want to animate them so I guess I have to sacrifice that for animation sometimes. So I have a week and a bit to improve it before going to Pictoplasma in Berlin.

I was lucky enough to win a portfolio review with Heart's agent Jenny Bull thanks to IdeasTap last Wednesday. She gave me some useful advice and I was really pleased to hear that it seems like I'm on the right track. I always enjoy getting feedback about my work.

I have decided that I need to stop creating new work for a bit and actually try and promote it instead . I always get too caught up in new projects and forget that it is really important to promote the work I have already done. So as soon as I finish this animation (and come back from Berlin) I will be on a mission!

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Fussed blog feature

My work has been featured in Fussed blog. They wrote some nice words about my illustrations that you can read here.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Toyota Auto Biography by Julia Pott

I just love this animation...watching it makes me want to do hand drawn animations!

Been busy working on my animation. To be honest I've had enough of it and had to take a couple of days off and do other stuff. I was really disappointed last Friday evening when I finally rendered it and realised that there were so many things wrong with it and it wasn't even working properly. Anyway the good news is that everything is fixed now.

I have booked my flight and tickets to go to Pictoplasma festival in Berlin on the 11th of April...I honestly can not wait!

Thursday, 15 March 2012

'Hello' on Creative Review website and portfolio website update (wow it rhymes!)

My work is on the Creative Review website in the Feed section yay! I also managed to update my website last evening even though I was super tired and promised myself not to do any more work. You see there was nothing else to do since none of the three men in my life (housemates or boyfriend) where around (and then I had a not-so-good yoga session).

Anyway today I've spent the whole day trying to animate a pencil writing in After Effects...sounds pretty simple right? The problem is that I don't like 3d layers, we don't get along! They just disappear all the time! Anyway I managed to do it in the end and realised that it might not even look that good in my animation haha. And now I've got my 3d Max class in a bit...but it is alright because that is REAL 3d unlike the 3d wannabe layers of After Effects. You hear After Effects? Your 3d sucks!!!

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Work in progress...

I need a break from keyframes. I've been working on this animation for a's taking SO long! I'm also finding it hard to keep all my layers tidy in After Effects. I have a bit of a love and hate relationship with After Effects since it messes up my 3d layers when I pre-compose. I will have a break now, get some dinner and hopefully work on it later.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Poolga illustrations

I just put together these two images for a competition by Poolga and IdeasTap (see more info here).

I've been doing a lot of yoga lately so I wanted to do something relevant. To be honest I feel a bit intimated by all the hardcore yogis in the Ashtanga class I've been going to. I've had this neck/back pain from sitting at my desk and drawing too long for a week now and it is really annoying. It actually gets worse when I do yoga, especially when I look at my toes in forward folds and headstands. PAIN please go away!
I have also bought a ticket to go to Pictoplasma in about a month which means I have to finish my animation by then. I am excited cause I've never been to Berlin before and the festival itself seems amazing. Hopefully it will be as good as it looks from their website.

Anyway back to painful Wacom tablet drawing.

Monday, 12 March 2012


Self-promotional Ecard. This was meant to be an interactive Ecard but after facing so many issues with pixelated exported Xfls and problematic Flvs I just decided to do a linear animation instead.
Maybe I'll stick to doing animations at the moment. I don't feel I've got enough patience and knowledge to do stuff in flash yet.

Friday, 9 March 2012

Pictoplasma/Berlin 2012

I'm seriously thinking of going to Pictoplasma this April. It is a four day festival with conference, workshops, exhibitions, animation festival, performances and parties based on contemporary character design and art. It all sounds very inspiring!

I'm working on an animation for a competition at the moment so unless I finish that first I can't go anywhere!

Anyway I had another 3d max class yesterday which went really well. We looked at modelling tools with more detail and finally started doing some stuff that actually look cool. I usually don't bother exploring a lot of technical stuff in softwares which is not very wise so I'm glad now I am actually forced to learn it.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Brooklyn to West - Ariele's amazing blog

I recently discovered this incredibly inspiring blog thanks to a friend. It really made me question some things about my life. Part of me wants to get away from sitting in front of a computer all day and instead of making 'virtual' things actually make something physical. But anyway enough about me. Have a look at Ariele's amazing blog here.

This is how Ariele describes herself. 'I’m a builder, a fixer, and a do-it-myselfer. My favorite things in life are big tools, old wood, good pasta, and dumpster diving. I enjoy being a mixture of things: the woman who cooks and bakes, and the girl who runs table saws and nail guns, builds furniture, carries around screwdrivers in her purse, and can fix just about anything {minus cars}.'

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Hana Pesut

Hana Pesut photographs couples wearing each other's clothes :)