Thursday, 15 March 2012

'Hello' on Creative Review website and portfolio website update (wow it rhymes!)

My work is on the Creative Review website in the Feed section yay! I also managed to update my website last evening even though I was super tired and promised myself not to do any more work. You see there was nothing else to do since none of the three men in my life (housemates or boyfriend) where around (and then I had a not-so-good yoga session).

Anyway today I've spent the whole day trying to animate a pencil writing in After Effects...sounds pretty simple right? The problem is that I don't like 3d layers, we don't get along! They just disappear all the time! Anyway I managed to do it in the end and realised that it might not even look that good in my animation haha. And now I've got my 3d Max class in a bit...but it is alright because that is REAL 3d unlike the 3d wannabe layers of After Effects. You hear After Effects? Your 3d sucks!!!

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