Wednesday, 6 October 2010

The taking - finished!

Yes at last it is finished! Despite the fact that I only added some small details it took me some time to finish this illustration because I just couldn't decide what exactly is going on. The story goes like this:
Costas felt that Maribella had only been a burden for him lately. She was full of insecurities and continuously cried about her physique. He unsuccessfully tried to comfort her and encourage her to be grateful for the gifts god had given her but it seemed that poor Maribella was too caught up in her sad little world. So Costas had enough. She was dragging them both down and for the benefit of both he had to stop this from happening.
After a lot of thinking he remembered that he owned a second hand book he bought a few years back when he was into black magic that proved handy a couple of times in the past. Then he spotted a location that felt right for the spells to take effect and planted a King of Austria rear tulip. Through experience Costas remembered that his buffalo had an inexplicable connection with Prince of Austria rear tulips and it would immediately stop any activity and contemplate on the vastness of the Universe. On a warm Saturday evening he suggested to Maribella to go for a quick swim at the beach near their village and without any hesitation she put on her new bikini without knowing what was planned for her...

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