Thursday, 31 May 2012

Dadu Shin

I really admire the illustrations of Dadu Shin and really enjoyed reading this interview where he talks about the process of making his work. I enjoy looking at artists' work in process. Things are still unrefined and the emphasis is just on putting down an idea.

Looking at Dadu Shin's sketchbook pages made me realise that I haven't used a proper sketchbook for a very long time. I find them quite intimidating since often I feel like I am ruining nicely bound sketchbooks. Usually I prefer working on cheap A4 printer paper. Working this way has it's advantages since I can then spread out all the sheets of paper which I find particularly useful when I'm working on ideas but often I end up loosing them. I also miss working on bigger surfaces (not massive, maybe A3) and also doing observational drawing. Something tells me that I will soon be making a visit to the Seawhite of Brighton and buy some cheap (definitely less intimidating than Moleskines) sketchbooks.


geooorge said...

I find it a bit disturbing and odd when some people/clients find it odd that i'd use a piece of paper to jot down a rough idea, or make initial drawings and then scan them in.

It actually bugs me that lots of people think that the pc will just magically make things happen, or that because you have one, you do eeeeverything on it.

Daphne said...

I know what you mean...some people don't realise that the computer is just a tool.
I particularly enjoy seeing roughs, sketches and ideas and realising how everything started!