Thursday, 21 June 2012

Cat on a plane

I apologise for the lack of posts...I had quite a lot to do in the last week and now I can finally relax a bit! Transporting my cat from England to Cyprus proved out to be a mission, it was a very stressful experience and I honestly do not recommend it to anybody. He is still hiding under the bed now and comes out to explore the room every now and then.
I finally managed to move out of my house and studio in Brighton and have a couple of days to rest now at last!


Emix said...

"Cat on a plane"... LOL

Miss you already Daphne! Enjoy the sun xxx

geooorge said...

First it was snakes, now its cats.

Daphne said...

Emilia I miss you too! It is just TOO hot I can't take it I am weak and use the AC in the afternoon.

George I think it will make a good horror movie for cats, my cat was terrified when I finally picked him up after the flight.