Friday, 22 June 2012

Re Aphrodite exhibition

I've been asked to take part in a rather unique exhibition in Cyprus which I'm excited about! The main reason is the space.  I sort of had an idea of what it looked like since it is a historic building and I went there with school (primary school so as you can imagine that was not very recent) but today I visited the place again and was very impressed.

The building used to be the house of a Christian-Othoman dragoman in the 18th century and is now a museum. There are numerous historic exhibits in the museum and new contemporary pieces by Cypriot artists will be created and exhibited alongside. I'm really pleased I got chosen to take part and look forward to seeing my work exhibited in such a beautiful historic building.

The idea was that some artists were going create pieces based on the building's history but unfortunately I did not have the chance to do that since I was away so I'm exhibiting Lady Alchymia.
One of the many amazing features of the house is that there is a secret passage which sort of looks like a wardrobe (it even has some steps that lead outside) which is the place from there the dragoman actually escaped from when he was chased by .... I forgot who but anyway in the end they found him somewhere in Turkey and decapitated him. He was not the nicest person though so...


geooorge said...

So when's the exhibition?

Daphne said...

sorry I totally forgot to mention the date, it is on the 4th of July!